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“Our son has been attending AKA – Boys Club for the past 2 years and he absolutely loves it!

During that time he has found a sense of belonging and his confidence has grown. This is due to the extraordinary comradery displayed throughout the whole club .

We love the way the club puts back into the community through the various charities that they have chosen to help.

AKA Boys Club is definitely a place where lifelong friendships and memories are made.

We would highly recommend it to anyone”



“My three boys have all been a part of AKA over the past 8 years and have enjoyed so many awesome adventures. 

Boys Club has enabled them to try many activities they normally would not have experienced. 

They have extended their friendship groups outside of school, and I really love the sense of community and charity work that is encouraged in the group. 

Grunt and the younger leaders are brilliant role models – can’t recommend it highly enough!”



“My son Seb, started at Adventure Kids Australia when he was 8 years old – he is now 14 and very sad that this is his last year. Thank goodness he can go to SKATS next year!

From the very start, he loved the activities and the team spirit. He has experienced some awesome stuff – from breaking world records, to games nights at the hall, scavenger hunts, surprise outings and amazing activities on camps. These are memories that he will never forget!

The first year, gave Seb a chance to mix with kids a little older than himself – which made his transition into High School a little less scary.

The Leaders are previous Boys Club Members who volunteer their time. They are great role models for my son and over the years, he has made some life-long friends.

I would recommend to any parent the benefit of having Adventure Kids Australia and the amazing Leader, Andrew Gruntovs in their child’s life.”